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  • You get to have a conversation with the merchant about how you can help them make money 
  • Few others offer ATMs – be different and stand out 
  • Merchants are more inclined to do business with a company that can provide them an additional revenue opportunity 
  • Additional revenue to offset the cost of a point of sale system or their processing fees - close more deals


2007 Federal Reserve Payments Study 

  • 5.8 billion ATM withdrawals 
  • 2.3 billion from non-FI ATMs 
  • $578 billion in volume 
  • $202 billion from non-FI ATMs 
  • 5.2% increase in volume compared to 2004 study 
  • Average withdrawal is $10

Retail ATMs - Discover the revenue potential a retail ATM will bring to your business. Tell us the features you want and we'll install the certified model on your site, often within 24 hours of your request. Plus, experienced technicians provide service and prompt maintenance to keep your ATM in top shape for your customers.

We offer a comprehensive ATM solution through our affiliated bankcard processors. Our services include equipment, installation, cash replenishment and processing. Placing an ATM at your business location is a proven way to increase foot traffic while generating additional revenue from ATM surcharges.


  • New revenue stream from ATM surcharge 
  • Same benefits as traditional card processing (give customers access to money) without the related costs
  • No processing fees – No monthly minimums*
  • No retrieval or chargeback fees 
  • Reduced PIN-based fees at the point of sale 
  • Cash retention 


Traditional Dial Up 

  • Dedicated phone line 
  • Reduced cardholder concerns 
  • Remote diagnostics

IP Solution 

  • Router – dial to IP converter 
  • Same ATM – connects to existing DSL or cable connection 
  • No additional transaction fees

Wireless ATMs 

  • Router – dial to wireless converter 
  • Same ATM – transactions transmitted via AT&T cellular network 
  • Additional service fees apply


​Merchant Cash

  • Merchant stocks machine 
  • Rapid replenishment of dispensed funds – 48 hour cycle 
  • Stock as often as needed 
  • Most merchants opt for this solution

HT Vault Cash

  • Harbortouch handles all cash management 
  • Additional hardware required 
  • Additional service fees 
  • Ideal for arenas, airports, hospitals 


Turn key solution 

  • Hardware, deployment and transportation services
  • Installation and training 

Multiple connectivity options 

Online reporting 

Vault cash and armor car solution 

Three Sales Options

  • Placement Program 
  • Lease or Purchase 
  • Reprograms 

Placement Overview

​Qualified high traffic locations •

  • Hospitals •
  • Malls •
  • Airports 

UCS completes a site survey

No upfront cost to merchant