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Loyalty Card Benefits

Retain customers

Loyalty programs help you keep your customers by giving them value in return for their repeat business.
Develop Prepaid Loyalty Programs. Sell your customers prepaid cards for redeeming your products or services. Reward their prepayment and loyalty by giving them an extra item, for example a free drink with 5 paid drinks. This type of program is also called Stored Value Card technology. The prepayment is stored in a manner that is associated with the card.
Generate frequent visits. The more often customers purchase from you, the faster they accumulate points toward a loyalty program reward.

Increase product awareness

Loyalty rewards can be in the form of premium or specialty products that increase customer awareness of those products. For example, a coffee shop might offer a pastry as a reward, thereby promoting more non-beverage sales. Rather than reward loyalty with a product your customer already purchases, offer them a reward for something they may not always buy. For example a reward of $1.00 off a $4.50 crossaint has the same value to the consumer as a cup of coffee yet generates a sale for you, while introducing the consumer to your other products. The cost of the reward is also effectively achieved through the lost profit on the additional sale – not a loss of a coffee sale.

Target your marketing

Loyalty programs are a great way to track your customers’ buying habits. When you know your customers and their preferences, you can adjust your marketing plans accordingly.

Build cost-effective programs

It's cost-effective. Merchants can keep customers coming back with loyalty and reward card marketing programs. Flexible program parameters adjust to fit the growing needs of a merchant's business. High quality standard or custom card designs are available, and reporting and customer card registration is available to help keep merchants in touch with their most valuable asset:  the customer.