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Shopping-n-Solutions uses this website to promote, procure, inform, and aggregate potential consumers and businesses on finding optimal energy products and services as to save our customers money on their energy bills, etc. We also align ourselves with affiliated marketing networks and other affiliated companies to promote, market, and sell products and services over the World Wide Web. 

We do not gather information about or from visitors to or users of this website solely as a result of such visits or usage, other than from (i) persons or entities who fill out our various online forms for energy-related quote, pricing, advertisement and the likes and (ii) persons or entities whom we allow to advertise with us in a written contract that We and the individual or entity sign and physically deliver or an "online" or offline contract that the Affiliate can review on the Affiliate registration page on this website and agree to by clicking on a button on that page (a "Customer or Business Agreement").

We do not gather information from visitors to our website who are not filling out our online form(s) or Affiliates with effective contracts. We do not have a generally applicable "privacy policy" that applies to all users of this website. Instead, each of our contracts with Individuals, Businesses and Affiliates contains terms that set forth the obligations of Shopping-n-Solutions with respect to the use and disclosure of the information that we gather from our network and Affiliates. In some cases, those terms reflect negotiations that occur between Shopping-n-Solutions and the Individual, Business or Affiliate; therefore, the terms are not necessarily the same for every individual, business, or affiliate member of our network who uses this website. 

We use a "template" form of contract to enroll individuals or businesses. That template changes from time to time and, in some cases, may incorporate network policies that we publish on this website. We also use offline contracts and addendum to enroll individuals, businesses, or other entities.

Information About Our Customers 

We will not disclose it to third parties except as follows: 

We may disclose it to government agencies or officials or other third parties if we believe such disclosure to be required or compelled under applicable law or regulations or legal process. 

We may disclose it to government agencies or officials upon their request, even if not compelled by a subpoena or other legal process, and without any duty on our part to independently confirm that such agencies or officials are legally entitled to such disclosure.

Shopping-n-Solutions is not responsible or liable for any use or disclosure by any Merchant, its networks affiliated companies or other third party of information about any of the aforementioned entities. 

Data About Customers of Merchants and Affiliates

Shopping-n-Solutions does not use cookies or any other embedded web tools to gather its customer's information other than our company's online forms used for the sole purpose of providing energy quotes, bids, ads, and the likes. 

We do not obtain any personally identifiable data about any of such customers or visitors through our technology or services, unless the individual or a business elects to furnish it to us or authorizes us to obtain that data. Our rights and obligations with regard to that information, therefore, are solely defined by our contract with that individual or business and are solely to that individual or business, and we do not, through these policies or otherwise, make any promise or undertake any obligation directly to any user of any individual's or business' information with regard to any use or disclosure of that information. Each Affiliate is solely responsible for establishing its own privacy policy, communicating that policy to the users of its website and ensuring that any access to, processing, storage in cordancewiththe applicable Individual Agreement or Business Agreement, of any data about those users is consistent with that Individual's, Business' or Affiliate's own privacy policy, applicable legal requirements of other obligations or commitments to such users. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Shopping-n-Solutions hereby expressly disclaims any obligation or liability to any user of any Individual's, Business' or Affiliate's information, electronic information, website, or any other online/offline tools of any nature, including with regard to any data about that user that Shopping-n-Solutions obtains, processes, stores, uses or discloses. 

Changes to Our Privacy Policy 

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Shopping-n-Solutions reserves the right to change or replace this Privacy Policy at any time and from time to time without prior notice to or the consent of any person. Any changes or replacement will be posted at this site. 

Questions and Comments About Our Privacy Policy 

Individuals, Businesses, or Affiliates who have questions or comments about this Privacy Policy or the relevant provisions of their Business Agreements should contact us at